• SEVCH Drömfångaren Timida Isadora
    Hos fodervärd

Drömfångarens T/I litter

The 7th and 9th of August SE UCH Ancient Wisdom Goldton, Iris, and SE VCH New Era's Dreamcatcher, TinTin, was mated.
6th of Oct our dream litter was born - 4 females and 1 male!

Both parent dogs have very good fur quality and colour, and we're hoping the puppies will inherit this.
TinTin has a very nice topline, a beautiful, long head and is a masculine male whom we think will match Iris' well-balanced proportions.

Both are merited in shows, mhas gone through a swedish mentality description and have eyes checked and OK'd before mating.

We are looking forward to seeing these puppies grow up to be beautiful, outgoing and balanced dogs in their new active and loving homes.

Four puppies are sold so only ONE baby left for sale.

If you are interested in a miniature schnauzer from this litter - please contact us!

Merits MH/Skott Health Other
Passed swedish bloodtracking test
BIS 1 puppy SSPK
BIS 2 puppy SSPK
R-CAC in Denmark
Swedish bloodtracking champion
Passed swedish mentaly test
Passed swedish mentaly test april -12